Current Members


You’re a veteran aviator now, eh? Then you probably want to get right down to business.

Flight Schedule Pro (FSP) is the software used by the Kirtland Flight Center to view aircraft availability and manage plane and/or instructor reservations.

Flight Training System (FTS) is the custom built Aero Club software that is locally installed on the dispatch computer located in the main office area.  This software is used to manage pilot qualifications, currencies and dispatch aircraft.  Please note that if you’re unable to dispatch the plane within this system (and also print your dispatch slip), you are not authorized to fly the aircraft.  Contact the club manager or an instructor to resolve any documentation, currency or training issues.

Membership Contact Information
Membership contact information may be entered to help Aero Club members reach you to schedule a flight or let you know aircraft status. After logging in to Flight Schedule Pro, please select the Directory Link from the menu on the left side of the page.

Keeping Current
Keep up-to-date by taking your exams on schedule, attending monthly safety meetings, completing the Covenant Not To Sue form annually, and never stop learning!

Membership Resignation
All good things come to an end. We hope you never have to resign from the Aero Club for any reason other than a move to another base. We’re here to help if you have any challenges otherwise! When it’s time to go, though, you are required to fill out the Kirtland Flight Center Letter of Resignation and provide it to the Aero Club Manager so that we can terminate your membership and delete your credit card data.