New Members


Thinking about joining the Kirtland Air Force Base Aero Club or just joined? You probably have questions, and we’re here to answer those questions. Any club member, instructor pilot or the Aero Club Manager can assist you. Just tap them on the shoulder and ask!

Below are some links you can explore on your own, right from the comfort of your own computer. Then, stop by the Aero Club and meet the membership face-to-face. Every few months we hold a cookout or other social gathering that’s a great opportunity to meet people. Each month, on the first Wednesday of the month, we have a club Safety Meeting, and that’s a great place to learn about the Aero Club as well. Join us!

Prospective and New Member Materials

Interested in learning a little about what the Federal Aviation Administration requires of its newest aviators? Read the FAA Requirements to Obtain a Private Pilot Certificate.