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5 August 2020: You should have received the safety meeting slides today in an email from Flight Schedule Pro. If you did not, request them from the Chief Flight Instructor at kirtlandflightcenter@gmail.com. To satisfy the attendance requirement for the August Safety Meeting, review the slides and video, then send a brief synopsis of what was in the slides to the Chief Flight Instructor. If you do not, you must meet the requirement by talking personally with the chief flight instructor before you can fly again. Thanks!

15 May 2020: Partial re-opening authorized by the Base Commander. We have been authorized to begin flying for currency only. The only members who can begin flying are those who are CURRENT. Member must be current for the Safety Meetings, and there will be no flying with anyone other than the member – to include no instructors.  Flights will only be conducted between 7 am and 12 pm (noon) on Monday through Friday, beginning 20 May.  All flights will be local only.  Only 7882N and 7867N will be available to fly and flight time will be limited to 2 hour blocks. See attachment for more details.

Safety Grams are here.


Kirtland Flight Center is an official United States Air Force (USAF) Aero Club, located on Kirtland Air Force Base (AFB).

The club is always looking for new members! Whether you are a seasoned flying veteran, a flyer looking to upgrade your skills, or a greenhorn looking to earn your wings, contact us to get started. You must meet one of the following criteria (and have Kirtland AFB access) in order to join the club.

  • Active or retired member of military
  • Department of Defense (DOD) contractor
  • Department of Energy (DOE) contractor
  • Civil Air Patrol (CAP) volunteer

Monthly membership dues are only $20. Please see the pricing page for details on aircraft rental and training pricing.

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