Cessna T-41C

Continental IO-360

Continental IO-360

The Club has 5 T-41Cs, nicknamed the Mescalero. It is the Air Force version of the Cessna 172. The Air Force bought about 30 T-41s in the early 1960s from Cessna Aircraft to provide introductory flight training for the cadets at the Air Force Academy. Because of the high altitude of the Academy (7,000 feet), the Mescalero was equipped with a 6 cylinder 210 hp, Continental IO-360 fuel-injected engine IO-360 instead of the usual 160 hp carburetor engine in the civilian version. The extra horsepower makes it fun to fly and provides additional safety for takeoffs and landings at higher altitudes.

Reference Materials

The Pilot’s Operating Handbook (POH), procedures and example weight and balance sheets can be found here.