Future Members – Discovery Flight

N7752L“Try it, you’ll like it!”

Want to try flying before joining the aero club? Sign up for one of our “Discovery Flights” so you can experience the joy of aviation first-hand. No other requirements or experience necessary.

What’s a Discovery Flight?

Discovery Flight!For a typical Discovery Flight, we set aside a 2-hour block (~30 min pre-flight time paperwork & flight brief, ~1 hour flying, then ~15 min post-flight once back in the Aero Club). You’ll get to sit in the left-hand pilot’s seat, taxi, take-off from Abq Airport, fly some maneuvers in one of our practice areas and land back at Abq International Airport. We have both 2-seat and 4-seat T-41C (Cessna C-172 type) planes available, so another person can go as well.

How much is it?

costThe cost is based on engine run time. (Refer to the pricing page to see rates for specific aircraft.) The flight is nominally an hour long, but your cost will be slightly less or more depending on your actual flight. Payment can be check or credit card after the flight is completed.

Double the fun

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf two people go and both want to fly, a good option is to land at Double Eagle II Airport for a short break and switch seats, then the other person would fly back to Abq Airport. This type of flight would probably run about 1.5 hours ($216), and the cost could be split between the two people. Longer flights to other local airports are also an option (Santa Fe, Grants, Belen, Socorro, etc..) and we just use the engine run time to calculate the final cost. There’s no charge for the time when you shut down the engine at another airport for a break or to switch pilots.

I’m jazzed, let’s do this!

Schedule your flight by email or phone. See contact info on the right side of this page…

Then get ready to FLY!