Flying Companion Seminar

Double Eagle Airport [KAEG] 7401 Paseo Del Volcan Northwest, Albuquerque, NM

For friends, family, and companions of pilots! This fun, informative session will help the non-pilot become more comfortable in light aircraft and be able to have FUN! The seminar will teach the non-pilot to become an effective cockpit crew member and help address fears of flying.   This one day ground-school-only course covers: - How […]


Kirtland Air and Space Fiesta (Air Show)

0900 Saturday 18 May 2019 This comes around only once every few years.  Don't miss it! Come see ground exhibits and aerial displays, including the USAF Thunderbirds. The Kirtland Flight Center will be CLOSED and no flights can be made on 18 May 2019.  On the days before and after show, the Kirtland […]

Mountain Wave presentation

Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center 501 Elizabeth SE, Albuquerque

The Albuquerque Soaring Club is sponsoring the presentation "Anatomy of the Mountain Wave" by Bill Hill. •Mountain wave is insidious and not readily recognized without proper study. •Conditions can exceed the climb performance of most general aviation aircraft. •Mountain wave can be used to augment the climb performance of most aircraft. •Mountain wave can have […]

Private Pilot Ground School starts

Kirtland Flight Center 3400 Clark Ave. Building 333, Kirtland AFB, NM

The Private Pilot Ground School registration is now open!  Please call the club at the number below.  The course is open to the public but base access is required. This class prepares students to successfully pass the FAA written examination required to achieve a Private Pilots License.  Start your journey now! Call the club to […]


Rate increase

Rates will increase by $2 for all aircraft and simulator rentals, effective 18 April 2022.  See the current rates here. This is the first rate increase in 5 years, and it's still a good deal.  Thank you for flying!  

KAFB Major Accident Response Exercise (MARE)

Kirtland Flight Center 3400 Clark Ave. Building 333, Kirtland AFB, NM

Kirtland Flight Center operations will be affected by a KAFB Major Accident Response Exercise (MARE) held on 27 April 2022 from 0700 to 1200 MDT. Flight Center aircraft will parked on the ramp, but refueling will unavailable.  Certain taxiways will also be closed. Please be especially careful and vigilant if you choose to fly during […]

TFR – Balloon Fiesta

Balloon Fiesta airspace

As a reminder, there will be a TFR for Balloon Fiesta for the next several days. Please be aware and vigilant as you fly - especially in the north practice area.         Airspace Definition: Center: On the ALBUQUERQUE VORTAC (ABQ) 037 degree radial at 14.2 nautical miles. (Latitude: 35º11'48"N, Longitude: 106º35'48"W) Radius: […]

December Cookout (Hangar 333)

Hangar 333, Kirtland Flight Center 3400 Clark Ave SE, Albuquerque, NM

Enjoy a December cookout with hamburgers, hotdogs and drinks provided by the club!  The cookout starts at 1730 in the hangar.  The instructor's meeting is at 1800 and regular safety meeting is at 1830. There is no holiday potluck this year, but come enjoy a meal with your fellow flyers at one of the best […]

Monthly Flying Safety Meeting (Venue change: 58 OSS / 150 OSS theater)

58 OSS / 150 OSS theater 4301 Randolph Ave, Albuquerque, NM

Venue change for this meeting! The location for this safety meeting will be the 58 OSS / 150 OSS theater. It is Kestrel Hall, Building 916, located at 4301 Randolph Ave, Kirtland AFB. The easiest way to get there is through the Truman gate. Go straight to Randolph Ave (second light), turn right and go […]